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A Museum Rises from the Chaos

We started moving and rearranging the classroom today. Each class has a separate area of the room in which to put together their exhibits. Students have to find a way to work together to get things done. There is a lot of negotiation going on among and between students, groups and classes. Researchers are researching, curators are curating, conservators are trying to fix some of the more fragile pieces that may have seen a little more wear than anticipated.

I am hoping for a February 15 opening date for the museum. I will send additional information as it gets closer to that date, but we would love to have you come visit our museum.



Students improved their typing skills during library today. Please encourage them to practice at home. There is a link on the right hand-side of the blog to the site they’ve been using in class. Ms. Flowers also did a short read aloud of the newest Newbery Award winner, The One and Only Ivan. Follow this link from the LA Times to learn more about this year’s crop of children’s literature award winners.

More Museum Fun!

Students continued to work on their museum jobs. Curators, conservators and collections managers are beginning the work of cataloging their artifacts. Other students are researching, planning, and re-arranging the room (in their heads at this point!). Reminder that artifact explanations are due sooner rather than later, but math homework should continue to take precedence until the end of the week.



Controlled Chaos

Today students began their museum jobs. Collection managers, curators and conservators worked to create a Google spreadsheet of what they have for their exhibits. Researchers, Interpreters and Educators scanned the artifacts and began the process of compiling information to help them share their knowledge with the public. The Exhibit Designers and Preparators began the job of scoping out the room for the best way to put together their exhibits.

Artifact explanations are due tomorrow. However, math homework (review for the midterm) should take precedence over the explanations. The world will not end if explanations are late.

Snow Day

Today in class we had a hard starter. I won! Which means I stumped them.

If you throw me from the window, I will leave a grieving wife. Bring back, but in the door, you’ll see someone giving life. What am I?

Ask your students for the answer!

We also sorted our artifacts into the correct “wing” of the museum. Below you’ll see what the classroom looks like this afternoon. On Monday, each class will begin working on their wing of the museum.

Over the next two weeks, students will taking MAP tests and their math midterm. As a result, students will have a two-week break from vocabulary homework. This will allow their brains some time to decompress and to let us focus on putting together the museum.

Critical Thinking Activities

Today I only saw my last two classes. They engaged in some critical thinking activities  during class. Students were given a choice of activities. R

I had the opportunity to see their performance this morning from the front row of the MLK, Jr. PAC. I took some pictures since I had such a great view. I’ll be uploading them shortly in a separate post so that I can password protect that post. The Blue Devils and the Tigers know the password. Feel free to email me if your child is in one of my first three classes and you’d like the password before tomorrow.

Students who are attending the performance this evening should be at the PAC by 6 pm.

Reminder: Spanish Performance

Students should wear black pants or skirts and white tops tomorrow. They should wear these outfits to school for their dress rehearsal for the fourth graders. The evening performance begins at 7 p.m. Students should wear the same outfit for the evening performance.

If you have any questions, please call the school.

Semester 2 Begins!

Today is the first day of the second semester and the third quarter. Due to this morning’s practice for tomorrow’s Spanish program, I did not see every class. However, for the classes I did see we cleaned out our backpacks and did our best to get organized for the upcoming semester.

On Thursday, we’ll begin the work of putting together our museum, Box Breakers. I will send out information once we have our opening date. We’d love to have visitors to our museum.

There is no vocabulary homework this week.

Early Dismissal!

We’ve just received word that Walker will be closing at noon. Students will be on an abbreviated schedule. I know they’re all VERY excited to have time to take their vocabulary quiz before they go home.  Enjoy the long weekend! We’ll be taking a break next week from vocabulary as it is a short week and the schedule will be interrupted due to the Spanish performance.  We will pick it up again the week of January 28.