Daily Archives: December 17, 2012

The Museum Takes Off

We have moved on to the planning stages of the museum. Students worked with their groups to plan what they need and how they might carry out their vision. Each class has a director who was carefully chosen from among the applicants. The director’s job is to mediate disputes, harness resources make suggestions and keep students on task. Every one of the directors did a stellar job today.

The public relations department started planning their advertising campaign – including brochures and a variety of ways to pull people into our museum and specifically, into their exhibit. They worked with the researchers, educators and interpreters to brainstorm ideas.

The curators, collection managers and conservators started making their own plans of caring for and learning about the artifacts that will soon be in their care.

Exhibit designers and preparators looked around the room for the best place for their exhibit and began to sketch their plans.

They took their jobs very seriously and made a lot of progress.