The Final Mission Statement

On Monday, students in all 5 classes wrote down the important ideas they believed belonged in our museum’s mission statement. On Tuesday, students looked at the information generated in all of the classes and distilled it down in a few solid ideas. Today, we took those ideas to come up with the mission statement for our museum.

The day students were dreading also came today. They had to decide which of the seven themes best fit the subject of their biography. This involved a lot of thought and internal (and in some cases) external debate. It was not an easy decision to make. We will narrow the seven themes down to five and then each class will be in charge of creating one themed exhibit.

The mission statement:

Our museum, Box Breakers, strives to make history accessible and fun. We want to show our community the power and diversity of individuals who have changed the world around them. We hope to inspire others to discover how they can make a difference in their world.

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